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Ferguson Library Tips for Teachers

We look forward to working with you. Here are some suggestions to make our collaboration successful:

  • Get to know our librarians and visit the Library to familiarize yourself with its resources.
  • Assign research on an author, rather than one particular book by that author.
  • As you are developing assignments, consult one of our Youth Services librarians to see what resources we have available.
  • Advise students to write down assignments and bring their notes with them to the Library.
  • Use book lists developed by the Library to make the widest variety available to your students.
  • Allow your students to use encyclopedias. The Ferguson Library has many special and general encyclopedias. At times, they will be the only sources of information for an assignment
  • Encourage your students to use electronic resources at the Library to research current topics.
  • To preserve our resources, set a clear “no cut-out” policy and encourage students to draw their own maps and illustrations for reports.

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