A to Z Databases

Online resources and databases that have been carefully selected by our staff to provide high-quality and reliable content. Most of these resources are available from home with a valid Ferguson Library card.


Company research, SEC filings, investment research, corporate history, corporate biography, personal finance, retirement.

Government & Law

Government databases and best of the web, law databases and best of the web, library resources

Careers & Education

Online resources and databases related to colleges, careers, test preparation and computer skills.

Health & Wellness

Consumer health information, nutrition, health and wellness, researching a doctor.


Databases of history and the best of history resources on the web.


Literary databases and websites, how to search for books and other materials

Positive Aging

Information and websites for senior citizens in Stamford.

Science & Nature

Astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, earth sciences, technology, and mathematics.

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