Norwalk’s Josephine Fulcher-Anderson Appointed to Connecticut’s African-American Affairs Commission

Norwalk, CT – Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) on Tuesday announced that he has appointed Josephine Fulcher-Anderson of Norwalk to the state’s African-American Affairs Commission (AAAC). Ms. Fulcher-Anderson works as a supervisor at the Ferguson Library South End Branch in Stamford. She is a past president of the Connecticut Chapter of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association.

“Josephine has dedicated her career to assisting the Ferguson Library in providing educational, recreational and cultural programs – including a long-running book discussion that focuses on African and African-American authors – to children and families,” said Sen. Duff. “She will lend a strong voice to the African-American Affairs Commission.”

“I would like to thank Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff for this tremendous privilege to serve on the African-American Affairs Commission,” said Ms. Fulcher-Anderson. “This Commission’s mission is to empower the African-American communities of Connecticut, politically, economically, educationally and culturally. This is a lifelong commitment that I’ve had and I am honored to use my talents to help the Commission accomplish its goals.”

The AAAC was created as a result of recommendations from the Connecticut African-American Male Task Force (CAAMTF). The CAAMTF, established in 1993 by Public Act No. 93-411, was formed due to an increasing awareness of the socio-economic disadvantages faced by African-American males in the United States. As such, recommendations were made to empower Connecticut’s African-American community by attacking impediments to social and economic development.

The AAAC is responsible for:

Reviewing and commenting on any proposed state legislation and regulations that would affect the African-American population in the state;
Advising and providing information to the Governor on the state’s policies concerning African-American Communities;
Advising the Governor concerning the coordination and administration of state programs serving the African-American population;
Maintaining a liaison between African-American communities and governmental entities;
· Encouraging African-American representation at all levels of state government, including state boards and commissions;
· Securing appropriate recognition of the accomplishments and contributions of the African-American population of the state; and
· Preparing and submitting to the Governor an annual report concerning its activities with any appropriate recommendations concerning the African-American population in the state.