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International News and Media

International Newspapers

  1. International Herald Tribune
  2. Reuters -- newswire service

Major European Sources

  1. UK: London Times
  2. UK: Financial Times (London)
  3. France: Le Monde
  4. Germany: Die Welt
  5. Greece: Eleftherotypia
  6. Ireland: Irish Times
  7. Italy: La Stampa
  8. Netherlands: NRC Handelsblad
  9. Norway: Dagbladet
  10. Spain: El Pais
  11. Switzerland: Neue Zurcher Zeitung

Israel/Middle East

  1. Jerusalem Post -- Israel
  2. Jewish Daily Forward -- Israel
  3. al-Ayyam -- Palestine
  4. Harretz -- published in Tel Aviv, Israel in conjunction with the International Herald Tribune.
  5. Palestine Report -- East Jerusalem
  6. Jordan Times
  7. Daily Star -- Lebannon
  8. Syria Daily
  9. Egypt Daily News -- Egypt

Russian newspapers with official content:

  1. Rossijskaya Gazeta
    - Official daily newspaper of the Russian
    government. It publishes the latest federal bids, tenders,
    announcements, decrees, laws, exchange rates,
    other official statements and legislative
  2. Izvestia
    - One of the most influential Russian newspapers.
    Published in Moscow, St.Petersburg and other cities. It
    publishes the latest federal laws and other
    official statements.


  1. Washington Post
  2. New York Times
  3. Wall Street Journal
  4. Chicago Tribune
  5. Los Angeles Times
  6. Miami Herald

International Radio and Media Centers

  1. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
    -- A 'private' radio station, funded by the United States
    Congress. A good site for a US perspective on
    news in Eastern Europe. Contains broadcasts and transcripts
    of news stories in 25 languages. Broadcasts
    require the use of the "RealPlayer" which is available for
  2. Voice of America
    -- The United States government agency charged
    with presenting the policies of the United States
    government. Broadcasts available in 32 languages.