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  • Applicants must be at least age 16 in order to volunteer. Applicants under the age of 18 years must have the consent of their parent or guardian.
  • Applicants must be fluent in spoken and written English.
  • Applicants who are tentatively selected as volunteers must consent to a criminal background check which will be conducted before a final decision is made.
  • Applicants who are selected as volunteers must commit to work at least 3 hours per week over 6 consecutive months.


  • Applications may be filled out and submitted online by going here.
  • Applications may also be obtained, filled-out and submitted at each of the Library’s facilities.
  • All submitted applications will be forwarded to the office of the Director of Human Resources and General Counsel, who serves as the Library Volunteers Coordinator.

Processing of Applications:

  • All applications submitted will be logged in the office of the Director of Human Resources and General Counsel. Where the application indicates a desire to volunteer in one of the used book shops, a copy will be transmitted to the Volunteers Coordinator for the Friends of the Ferguson Library.
  • The role of the Library Volunteers Coordinator is to maintain a continuing awareness of the availability of volunteer opportunities in all of the Library’s departments and branches and to match the interests and talents of applicants with volunteer opportunities.
  • Applicants who appear to possess the requisite qualifications, abilities and experience to fill available volunteer opportunities will be referred to the appropriate department or branch supervisor, or his/her designee, for an interview and testing where appropriate.
  • Department and branch supervisors will make the decision whether or not an applicant should be assigned to work, in consultation with the Library Volunteers Coordinator. The decision to accept an applicant as a volunteer shall be tentative, subject to the criminal background check, which shall be conducted by the Library Volunteers Coordinator.


  • Successful applicants for volunteer positions will be assigned to work by department and branch supervisors in accordance with their determination regarding the needs of the Library and the hours of work available for volunteers.
  • Volunteers will not be assigned as replacements for full-time staff members or regular part-time employees  without the approval of an administrator.
  • Department and branch supervisors will keep a record of each volunteer’s assigned days of work and his/her attendance on a form to be supplied by the Library Volunteers Coordinator.
  • Volunteers will be informally reviewed by the supervisor of the department or branch to which they are assigned and may be removed from their volunteer position for unsatisfactory performance or attendance by the supervisor after consultation with the Library Volunteers Coordinator.
  • Volunteers are expected to give at least 7 days notice to the Library of their intention to resign their volunteer position.