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Stamford Through the Centuries - 2000's

By 2000, Stamford had a population of 117,000 people. About one-third of them were born in other countries. Some of the countries Stamford immigrants come from are Haiti, Guatemala, India, Russia, Poland, Jamaica, Colombia, China, Mexico and Peru.Marilyn Monroe Statue

In summer 2000, life size cow sculptures, each one painted in a different way, decorated the streets of Stamford.  These cows were part of the Stamford Downtown Art in Public Places annual exhibits.  When the exhibit ended, the cows were sold at an auction.  Later Art in Public Places exhibits included Volkwagen “bug”-type car sculptures called Art-O-Mobiles in 2001 and Safari Animal sculptures in 2003.  In summer 2008, a statue of famous actress Marilyn Monroe, in a pose from her movie The Seven Year Itch, was on display outside the Avon theatre on Bedford Street, part of that year’s Art in Public Places exhibit.   In 2010, the exhibit was called “Reigning Cats & Dogs” and sculptures of cats and dogs were placed around downtown Stamford.

In 2006, a state law was passed giving tax breaks to companies filming movies in Connecticut. In 2008, residents saw actress Drew Barrymore and actor Robert de Niro in Stamford while they were filming a new movie, Everybody’s Fine. Some of the movie was shot in The Grand Penthouse at The MetropolitanSummer Street.

Mill River ParkIn 2006, volunteers built the Mill River Playground (at the corner of Tresser Boulevard and West Main Street) in seven days.

In August 2006, Stamford hosted the JCC Maccabi Games. Jewish teenagers from around the United States and from other countries like Venezuela, Poland and Israel participated in an Olympic-style athletic competitions and community service projects.  Team Stamford had members from all over Fairfield County.


Library Renovation  Library Renovation

In 2008, the Ferguson Library began a major renovation of the Main Library at Bedford and Broad Streets. The renovation was completed in 2010.

Obama in Stamford with Senator Dodd

On October 23, 2009 President Obama visited Stamford. His helicopter landed in Kosciuszko Park in the afternoon. After he arrived he and Connecticut Senator Dodd quickly toured a local landscaping company called Eastern Land Management. Later that day, President Obama gave a speech at a fundraiser for Senator Dodd's reelection campaign. The event was held at the Stamford Hilton Hotel, and people paid at least $1,000 each to attend.

In 2009 Michael Pavia was elected mayor of Stamford.  Former mayor Dannel Malloy was elected governor of Connecticut in 2010.