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Stamford History

Stamford Sign

Stamford Through the Centuries

1600s | 1700s | 1800s | 1900s | 2000s 

What do you think it was like in Stamford in the past? Click on a century above to find out.
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MuralBasic Facts and Fun Facts

Basic information about Stamford today and some interesting things you probably don’t know.


Do you recognize any of these famous names?


Learn about Stamford’s schools, parks, memorials, cultural centers and famous buildings.


Stamford’s libraries have an interesting history.


Read about some of Stamford’s best-known and most important companies and stores.


Find out how people traveled to and around Stamford.


Stamford has a number of neighborhoods, each with its own character.  Which one is your home?

Puzzles & Games

Test what you’ve learned, and play games related to the history of Stamford.

For More Information

Some resources we used to find the information on this site, and ones you can look at to learn more.

Photos of Stamford's Past

Explore Stamford's past through thousands of online photos.