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Stamford Advocate

Stamford's newspaper publishing history dates back to the early 1800s. From the Stamford Sentinel, which first  appeared on February 16, 1830, to the contemporary Stamford Advocate, our newspapers have reported on the people and events that have shaped the city of Stamford.

We have access to the Stamford Advocate from the first issues published in 1830 to today’s issue.

Stamford's Newspaper Publishing History:

Sentinel February 16, 1830 - March 13, 1837
Democratic Sentinel March 1838 - July 1840
Farmers' Advocate August 1840 - December 1842
Farmer and Mechanics Advocate 1842
Stamford Advocate (Weekly) 1843 - 1922
Daily Advocate 1892 - 1922
Stamford Advocate (Daily) 1922 - present


Please ask at the Main Library second floor reference desk for microfilm reel, hard copy of the newspaper, online version, or full text archives of the Stamford Advocate.

Online: The Stamford Advocate's official website with local stories, weather, sports, and obituaries.

Hard Copy: Hard copies of the last three months of The Advocate are located on the second floor of the Main Library.

Microfilm: The Ferguson Library has the Stamford Advocate from 1829 to three months prior to the present on microfilm on the second floor of the Main Library.

Digital Resources for the Stamford Advocate

The Stamford Advocate: Stamford Advocate from 1/14/2005 to the current on Newsbank (Full Text)

Stamford Advocate Historical Archive: Explore news articles from Stamford Advocate and Daily Advocate 1829 – 1903 and 1979-2004 on Newsbank (Scanned images with searchable text)

Advocate (historical and current): Search news articles through all of Ferguson Library's coverage at Newsbank (Scanned images with searchable text for historical articles and full text for contemporary articles)

Advocate: Death Notices & Obituaries: Search full text obituaries and death notices in The Advocate (Covers October 2004 to present)

Stamford Newspapers Obituary Index: Search an index of obituaries from the Stamford Newspapers from 1830 to the present.