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Volunteer FAQ


What Do Volunteers Do?
Volunteers clean, sort, and shelve books. They tend shop, including waiting on customers, handling sales, and keeping the shop clean and well-organized.  Besides these daily tasks, volunteers also manage and schedule other volunteers, keep accounts, run errands, enter data, market the shops,analyze reports, research book prices, and everything else required to run a small enterprise. Ours is a very active, energetic environment.

What is my time commitment?
We ask all volunteers to sign up for at least one shift per week, and agree to perform at least 50 hours of service over a six-month period.  We try to accommodate your schedule needs.

What are the Shifts for Volunteering?
We have standard shifts at the Main Book Shop, Mon.-Thurs., 11-2; 2-5; and 6-8; Fri., 11-2; 2-6; Sat., 10-11:30; 11:30-2:30; and 2:30-5; and Sunday, 1-3; and 3-5.
At the Harry Bennett Book Shop, our shifts are Monday and Wednesday, 11-1:30; 1:30-4, and 4-7; Friday, 11-2:30; 2:30-6; and Sat., 10-1, and 1-4.

What if I My Schedule Varies, and I Cannot Commit to a Regular Shift?
We may be able to accommodate your particular needs, either on a regular schedule that does not conform to our standard shift times, or on a schedule that varies by the week.  We do ask that you fit us into your schedule for at least one shift each week, however.

May I Choose at Which Shop to Work?
Yes. Our shops are at the Harry Bennett Branch, and also at the Ferguson Main Library.

What if I Have to Miss a Shift?
We recognize that you have to take off from time to time.  Life has a funny way of affecting our plans.  When the unexpected arises, please give us as much notice as possible of your absence.  You may remove yourself from the schedule, or pick up additional shifts, via our online scheduling system.  We will also do our best to accommodate you, should you need to be gone for an extended period.

How Will I Be Trained?
You will work with experienced volunteers in a learn-by-doing environment.  We encourage lots of questions, and offer a lot of support.  We have an array of training tools, including manuals, quizzes, power points, and direct feedback.

Where Do I Park?
We can give you a parking permit which allows you to park free at the Bedford Street Garage, a block from the Main Library, while you volunteer.  At Harry Bennett, parking is free on site. If you incur local bus fare, we will reimburse you.

How Do I Sign Up?
Click here to apply. Once in receipt of your application, we’ll contact you.  If your application indicates you may be a fit for our Book Shops, we’ll ask you to stop by for a brief interview.  Should the interview confirm the fit, we’ll establish a time then for you to begin training.

I Still Have Questions…
Please contact our volunteer coordinator,

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