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To suggest a purchase, please fill out the form below. If the material is of a new and/or popular nature that fits into our collections, we will consider purchase. The library staff will consider all requests and notify you of our decision within 2 weeks. You must supply an email to receive a reply from this form. Requests without contact information cannot be answered.

  • If we do decide to purchase the suggested item, a reserve will be placed for you (only books, audio books and music CDs can be reserved). You will then be notified when to pick up the item. If the item is not reservable, check our catalog to see if the material has arrived.
  • Note: Unfortunately, many movies, documentaries, and series are unavailable in the VHS format and so we are no longer able to honor these requests.
  • The Ferguson Library's primary responsibility for collection content is to the residents of Stamford. We wish to assist you with your information needs, but we must request that you obtain information from your local libraries and resources when appropriate.
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