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New Graphic Novels

Looking for a good graphic novel? Try these recent selections from The Ferguson Library collection.


Brubaker, Ed
Fatale: The Devil’s Business

In the Los Angeles of the 1970s, Josephine is hiding out, hoping to avoid luring any more unwitting dopes to their doom.  She's immortal, you see, and can't help casting a spell on what is clearly the weaker sex.  But then a washed-up actor stumbles into her backyard carrying a shocking film and a bleeding woman.  Source: Booklist, Aug 01, 2013


Hanawait, Lisa
My Dirty Dumb Eyes

This sharply observed work intermingles drawings, paintings, gags, and anthropomorphized animals.  A New York Times illustrator with a wild sense of humor, Hanawait  comments on pop culture and human idiosyncrasies, revealing the lives of celebrity chefs and explaining that what dogs really want is a tennis ball bride.  Source: From the Publisher

Ellison, Harlan
Harlan Ellison’s 7 Against Chaos

Ferociously intelligent and extremely ambitious, this graphic novel adapts the format of Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven to space opera: a wildly diverse assortment of characters must work together to save vulnerable bystanders. As usual, the saviors are outcasts, a renegade robot, a despised mutant, and a brutalized slave.  Source: PW Annex Reviews, July 29, 2013


L’Amour, Louis
Law of the Desert Born

A murky, interesting tale of rivalries turned bloody, based on ranchers and the challenges of the 1880s cattle business.  Plentiful backstory via flashbacks provides the history and earlier relationships of killer-on-the-run Shad Marone and the posse after him, especially the Mexican Apache Lopez, whose motives keep everyone guessing until the end.  Source: Library Journal, Sept 15, 2013 

Delany, Samuel R.
Bread & Wine: An Erotic Tale of New York

An autobiography that flashes back to the unlikely story of how writer Samuel Delany befriended Dennis and how they became an enduring couple - Delany, a professor at Philadelphia's Temple University and Dennis, an intelligent man living on the streets.  With black and white illustrations that capture bustling New York City.  Source: From the Publisher 


LoPorto, Tiziana
Superzelda: The Graphic Life of Zelda Fitzgerald

Dancer, painter, writer, and freethinker, Zelda Fitzgerald is one of the most iconic figures of the Jazz Age. Born in Alabama in 1900, she was only 18 when she met F. Scott Fitzgerald, an ambitious young writer who would turn into one of the greatest American authors of all time.  Diagnosed with schizophrenia, Zelda died tragically at age 48.  Source: From the Publisher

Fraction, Matt
The Invincible Iron Man: The Future

Tony Stark is the Mandarin's prisoner! Can Rescue, Iron Man 2.0, and War Machine put aside their differences and team up to stop the Mandarin's plans? The threats to humanity seem to pile up as Tony Stark builds Mandarin's ultimate weapon and Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu, uncovers a horrifying monster.  Source: From the Publisher


Mullin, Willard
Willard Mullin’s Golden Age of Baseball
796.09 M959w

Presents the work of Mullin (1902-78), the sports cartoonist most famous for creating the iconic "Brooklyn Bum" of Dodgers lore.  Mullin, whose cartoons appeared in the New York World Telegram & Sun, combined skillful realistic drawings of the day's players with an ebullient cartooning style that brought movement and energy to his images.  Source: Library Journal, Oct 01, 2013