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New Books - Fiction


Humorous Fiction

Enjoy some of the best new fiction, available from the Ferguson Library.

Filipacchi, Amanda
The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty

An astute look at the value society and individuals place on appearance.  Barb conceals her beauty in a fat suit and wig after the suicide of Gabriel, who was hopelessly in love with her.  The author has created a wise, witty farce that is impossible to put down and utterly dead-on in its assessment of human nature.  Source: Booklist, Jan 01, 2015


Rubin, Jacob
The Poser

At an early age, Giovanni has demonstrated an uncanny ability to mimic those around him. It gets him in trouble in school and wins him few friends when he's young, but once he's spotted by sleazy impresario Maximilian Horatio, he's catapulted to the stage in New York City as the World's Greatest Impressionist.   Source: Library Journal, March 15, 2015


Schultz, Emily
The Blondes

A struggling graduate student in New York City, who is working on a thesis about what women look like, discovers that she's pregnant after a brief affair.  Already in shock, she then witnesses a horrifying outbreak of a deadly virus that transforms blondes, those icons of standardized beauty, into rabid, indiscriminate killers.  Source: Booklist, March 15, 2015


Ballis, Stacey
Recipe for Disaster

Anneke Stroudt is a talented contractor whose employer ignores her. She is also engaged to a famous television chef and restaurant owner who pushes her to work on a house renovation and build her own business. With lively humor, the author pulls together a diverse cast, evocative renovation details, and delicious food descriptions.  Source: Booklist, March 01, 2015


Egan, Elizabeth
A Window Opens

Alice Pearce is an optimistic wife, mother, and part-time editor who gets a smashing job at Scroll, a too-cool start-up with a string of fashionable literary lounges devoted to the classics. Is Alice on the verge of having it all? And does she really want it? Glamour books editor Egan may draw inspiration for this tale from her own work-life.  Source: From the Publisher


Hornby, Nick
Funny Girl

When Barbara Parker wins a beauty contest and is named Miss Blackpool 1964, it motivates her to move to London and become a comic actor like her idol, Lucille Ball. She takes the stage name Sophie Straw, and an audition with BBC television lands her a spot on the most popular sitcom of the day. The novel is fun and engrossing to the end.  Source: Library Journal, April 01, 2015


Millet, Lydia
Mermaids in Paradise

Millet's novel is rife with wryly comic situations and a cast of unusual characters who meet at a Caribbean resort and discover to their shock that there is a colony of mermaids (whom they are instructed to call "the Mers") just off the coast. A murder, a theft, and some exploitative land-development schemes ensue.  Source: Publishers Weekly, Feb 02, 2015


Perry, Michael
The Jesus Cow

Harley's dairy cow gives birth to a calf with the unmistakable face of Jesus imprinted on its side. Harley, recognizing trouble, does his best to cover the image, but his attempts are no match for the calf destined to become known to the world as #JesusCow. Before long, the young bovine has an agent and a media circus camps outside Harley's door.  Source: Library Journal, April 01, 2015