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New Books - Fiction


Just Between Friends

New fiction exploring the complexities and power of friendship, available from the Ferguson Library.

Higgins, Lisa Verge
Random Acts of Kindness

Three high school classmates, one divorce, one unstable son, two lost breasts, and a rescue dog with a nervous bladder blend into a road trip of a lifetime. Originally from Upstate New York, now living on the West Coast, Jenna, Nicole, and Claire travel cross-country, back to Pine Lake. The author has created a circle of friends who aren't even sure why they are on this quest together, but each discovers something about herself as she sees friendship in a new light.  Source: Library Journal, April 04, 2014


Zevin, Gabrielle
The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

A. J. Fikry, the cantankerous owner of Island Books, is despondent after losing his beloved wife and witnessing the ever-declining number of sales at his small, quirky bookstore.  When someone leaves a baby at his store, it unleashes a dramatic transformation, and A.J. finds himself becoming an essential new part of his longtime community. In this sweet, uplifting homage to bookstores, Zevin perfectly captures the joy of connecting people and books.  Source: Booklist, Feb 15, 2014


Finch, Charles
The Last Enchantments

After graduating from Yale, William Baker, scion of an old patrician family, goes to work in presidential politics.  But when the campaign into which he's poured his heart ends in disappointment, he decides to leave New York behind. Will expects nothing more than a year off before resuming the comfortable life he's always known, but he's soon caught up in a whirlwind of unexpected friendships and romantic entanglements that threaten his safe plans.  Source: From the Publisher


Alcott, Kate
The Daring Ladies of Lowell

To Alice Barrow, a job at a textile mill in 1832 Lowell, Massachusetts, represents both an escape from her rural roots and a chance to forge an independent future. Although the hours are long and the work arduous, she enjoys the companionship of the mill girls and the opportunity to take advantage of the intellectual subculture of Lowell, including the mill’s literary magazine and lectures at the Lyceum.  Source: From the Publisher


Rahman, Zia Haider
In the Light of What We Know

When Zafar, an Oxford-educated Bangladeshi mathematician from humble beginnings, shows up at the door of an old friend, he begins a circuitous confession of a mysterious crime. In this debut novel of ambitious scope, author Rahman crafts a portrait of a post-9/11 world from the perspective of a man who is simultaneously an insider and an outsider among the rich and powerful.  Source: PW Annex Reviews, April 14, 2014


Mai, Jia

In this gripping novel, Mai Jia reveals the mysterious world of Unit 701, a top-secret Chinese intelligence agency whose sole purpose is counterespionage and code breaking.  Rong Jinzhen, an autistic genius, is forced to abandon his academic pursuits when he is recruited into Unit 701. As China’s greatest cryptographer, Rong discovers that the mastermind behind the maddeningly difficult Purple Code is his former teacher and best friend, who is now working for China’s enemy.  Source: From the Publisher


See, Lisa
China Dolls

Grace, Helen, and Ruby meet and become instant friends while auditioning as showgirls at the Forbidden City, a Chinese nightclub and cabaret.  But then the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, and everything changes. The girls soon discover that they each carry secrets that will shake one another to the core. Can the seductive Ruby, dutiful Helen, and "white-washed" Grace find a way to keep their friendship alive?  Source: Library Journal, April 15, 2014


Frangello, Gina
A Life in Men

The friendship between Mary and Nix had endured since childhood, a seemingly unbreakable bond, until the mid-1980s, when the two young women embarked on a summer vacation in Greece.  It was a trip initiated by Nix, who had just learned that Mary had been diagnosed with a disease that would cut her life short.  But by the time their visit to Greece was over, Nix had withdrawn from their friendship, and Mary had no idea why.  Source: From the Publisher