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New Audiobooks

                                Recent Additions to The Ferguson Library Collection

All selections below are unabridged versions of the original books on compact disc or Playaway portable audiobook.  For downloadable audiobooks, please visit the Library's digital media page.


Lee, Harper
Go Set a Watchman
Compact Disc Edition

In this sequel to Mockingbird, feisty 26-year-old Jean Louise Finch, nicknamed Scout as a child, returns home from New York to Maycomb Junction, AL, post-Brown v. Board of Education.  Here she encounters anti-integrationist forces that include boyfriend Henry and, significantly, her father, Atticus Finch, the book’s  moral center.  Source: Library Journal, Aug 01, 2015

Rand, Ayn
Compact Disc Edition

This previously unpublished novel, written in 1934 and rewritten as a stage play, shines light on themes that would eventually inform The Fountainhead and Rand's other works.  Its central character is starlet Kay Gonda, a Garboesque beauty who is on the lam following the murder of a wealthy oilman acquaintance.  Source: PW Annex Reviews, July 13, 2015

Browder, Bill
Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance and Murder
332.6 B877
Compact Disc Edition

American financier Browder was thrown out of Russia when he called down certain oligarchs for robbing the companies in which he was investing.  Subsequently, his crusading attorney, Sergei Magnitsky, was arrested, tortured, and apparently beaten to death.  Now Browder is on a quest to clear Magnitsky's name.  Source: From the Publisher

Hilderbrand, Elin
The Rumor
Compact Disc Edition - Playaway

In this enjoyable comedy of manners, Madeline, a best-selling author, is happily married to Trevor.  Her best friend, Grace, is married to successful real-estate developer Eddie and lives in a much grander house with extensive grounds.  Grace's passion for gardening leads her to carry on with Benton Coe, a hunky landscape architect.  Source: Booklist, June 01, 2015

Haruf, Kent
Our Souls at Night
Compact Disc Edition

Addie Moore has lost her husband, and one day she boldly invites a neighbor, widower Louis,  to come spend the night sleeping with her (chastely,  so that she may have someone to talk to during those particularly lonely early-morning hours). Meanwhile, Addie's grown son is in a troubled marriage, and because of that, he dumps his son on her.  Source: Booklist, April 15, 201

Blume, Judy
In the Unlikely Event
Compact Disc Edition - Playaway

It is 1951 in Elizabeth, NJ, and ninth grader Miri Ammerman lives with her unwed mother, Rusty, and her grandmother Irene.  During the winter, three planes crash in Elizabeth, affecting the community in multiple ways.  Bits of 1950s popular culture such as Elizabeth Taylor haircuts and a 17" Zenith TV are referenced in this blend of fact and fiction.  Source: Library Journal, Aug 01, 2015

Ansari, Aziz
Modern Romance
646.77 A617m
Compact Disc Edition

Comic Ansari teams up with a sociologist to explore in more depth one of his favorite stand-up subjects,  21st century dating. The two conducted surveys and held focus groups to get singles from many countries to talk about how they seek romantic partners and how technology has changed the search for a mate.  Source:  Library Journal, Aug 01, 2015

Brower, Andersen
The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House
975.3 B877r
Compact Disc Edition

Journalist Brower, who spent four years covering the White House for Bloomberg News, explores the personal lives of American presidential families using stories from people who connect with them on a regular basis, the White House domestic staff.  Fans of Downton Abbey will find this look into the secret world of the White House fascinating.  Source: Library Journal, April 01, 2015