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New Audiobooks

                                Recent Additions to The Ferguson Library Collection

All selections below are unabridged versions of the original books on compact disc or Playaway portable audiobook.  For downloadable audiobooks, please visit the Library's digital media page.


Bloom, Amy
Lucky Us
Compact Disc Edition

Disappointed by their families, hopeful star Iris and sidekick, Eva, journey through 1940s America in search of fame and fortune. Iris's ambitions take the pair across the America of Reinvention in a stolen station wagon, from small-town Ohio to an unexpected and sensuous Hollywood, and to the jazz clubs and golden mansions of Long Island.  Source: From the Publisher

Woods, Stuart
Cut and Thrust
Compact Disc Edition

Attorney Stone Barrington accompanies his current squeeze to the Democratic National Convention. Hoping to win a spot on the presidential ticket is his friend Kate, who asks Stone to act as go-between to her opponents. Assassination attempts, political manipulations, and scandals keep Stone busy. Source: Library Journal, June 06, 2014

Moriarty, Liane
Big Little Lies
Compact Disc Edition

Single mother Jane moves with her son, Ziggy, to a quaint beach town. Enrolling him in a new school, she has a lot to learn about being a kindergarten mom. Outspoken veteran school mom, Madeline, and Celeste, her beautiful, rich friend, help Jane navigate the social hierarchy of Pirriwee Public. But when Ziggy is accused of bullying, the parents begin to take sides. Source: Library Journal, July 04, 2014


Harkness, Deborah
The Book of Life
Compact Disc Edition

The need to discover the truth continues to drive Diana in her search for the manuscript known as Ashmole 782. Author Harkness delves deeply into the political machinations of the world, weaving in a meaningful message about how ignorance, fear, and misinformation can drive a culture, with ramifications for generations to come. Source: Library Journal, June 15, 2014 

Macomber, Debbie
Love Letters
Compact Disc Edition

Innkeeper Jo Marie Rose is working through her grief over the loss of her husband and working more closely with handyman Mark Taylor as well.  She sets out to learn what she can about him and in the process discovers more about herself than she bargained.  Meanwhile, her guests are struggling with questions of their own. Source: Library Journal, Aug 01, 2014 

Child, Lee
Compact disc Edition

Loner Jack Reacher is on a bus nearing Seattle when he picks up a copy of the Army Times newspaper that contains an ad asking him to contact Rick Schroeder, an old army connection.  Paired with rookie Casey Nice from the Special Forces, Reacher is sent on a mission to find the sniper who tried to kill the French president with a rifle shot. Source: Library Journal, Sept 01, 2014


Murakami, Huraki
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Bondage
Compact Disc Edition

An engineer who designs train stations, protaganist Tazaki finds deep if ironic satisfaction in helping people move from place to place, even as he lives a largely stationary life. That changes when he meets Sara and, at her urging, undertakes a pilgrimage to meet his four former friends and learn why he was ostracized from the group. Source: Booklist, Aug 01, 2014



McMurtry, Larry
The Last Kind Words Saloon
Compact Disc Edition

McMurtry has created a vivid and unsparing portrait of the nineteenth-century  cowboy lifestyle made so memorable in his classic Lonesome Dove.  Evoking the greatest characters and legends of the Old Wild West, he tells the story of the closing of the American frontier through the travails of two of its most immortal figures, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Source: From the Publisher