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They made the news in '87 [ill: S. Ferguson, B. Usher, J. Yerwood, J. Flavin, D 1987/12/30 p. A1+ 1987  
Printer's fingers survive mishap [Yngve Ulvedal] 1987/10/28 p. A3+ Accidents  
Printer who nearly lost hand in machine has more surgery [Yngve Ulvedal] 1987/10/29 p. A5 Accidents  
Stamford man killed in a forklift accident [David A. Donovan] 1987/12/02 p. A3 Accidents  
Stamford actress goes on tour in 'Cats' [ill: Beth Swearingen] 1987/02/09 p. B1 Actors  
Black History Month raises consciousness-as well as debate 1987/02/01 p. A1+ African Americans  
Black History Month makes us remember [ill.] 1987/02/06 p. W3 African Americans  
S. African says revolution is inevitable [ill: Jacqueline Williams] 1987/05/13 p. A8 African Americans  
Stamford leads the state in AIDS-positive drug users 1987/04/06 p. A6 AIDS  
Plan to report AIDS victim's names proposed 1987/04/08 p. A3+ AIDS  
Education vital to fight AIDS rise; But city says no new programs implemented f 1987/04/12 p. A3+ AIDS  
New brochure focuses on teaching teens the facts of AIDS 1987/04/19 p. A7 AIDS  
Young victim's widow: In battle against AIDS, it's not 'us' against 'them' [ill 1987/03/01 p. A1+ AIDS  
Connecticut braces for AIDS testing 1987/03/22 p. A1+ AIDS  
Worry about AIDS gets corporate ho-hum [ill: Sarah Mullady, Champion Internatio 1987/03/30 p. A1+ AIDS  
Bill would require AIDS test before marriages 1987/01/09 p. A1+ AIDS  
AIDS dilemma: Plan would disclose victims' names to local health officials 1987/01/11 p. A1+ AIDS  
Local officials seek names of AIDS victims from state 1987/01/13 p. A3 AIDS  
Safe sex information generates controversy 1987/02/22 p. A1+ AIDS  
Panel to discuss AIDS education [Stamford Public Schools] 1987/05/04 p. A3 AIDS  
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